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Have you ever experienced that there are times in your life when you are not sleeping well for no reason, you feel very tired for days and days, you retain more fluids, and feel sluggish, you have dull skin and a bad face, and you even have anxiety symptoms? Well, these can be symptoms that our body is overloaded with toxins, due to a poor diet, alcohol excess, prolonged stress situations, lack of movement, etc. The metabolism slows down, and our body becomes unbalanced.

What we recommend is to carry out the DETOX CHALLENGE!
A detox consists of reducing the intake of toxins and adding nutrients that are essential for the body to function better. This helps us to improve and support the natural cleansing process of our body and specially the liver, which is the organ in charge of doing this work.

By helping it eliminate toxins we will improve our health in general, we will recover energy, we will feel lighter, we will have more mental clarity, we will be more relaxed and in a better mood. And not only that, as a consequence of the better functioning of our body you will notice that the skin on your face has more shine, it will look much healthier and full of life. Regarding the body, by improving circulation, cellulite and fluid retention problems will improve and you can even lose some weight.

You can do this challenge for 2 days or even 15 days and consider it two or three times a year, after times of excess such as Christmas, holidays, moments of great stress in which you lose your healthy routines…

For a perfect functioning, what you remove from your diet is more important than what you put in, so, we have to eliminate

processed and refined foods from our diet, food that are full of sugar and fats, alcohol and gluten. And in its place adding quality food specially fruit, vegetables, legumes and seeds with cleansing properties, in addition to drinking plenty of water and doing moderate exercise, such as walking.

Of course, the idea is to continue maintaining a healthy diet at the end of our challenge. You can also help yourself with high quality nutritional supplements, concentrated in purifying and detoxifying natural active ingredients such as those of “Bioespaña”. And to help the body have better circulation, both blood and lymphatic, Lymphatic Drainage massages (manual or with equipment) and products that facilitate the decongestion of circulation and the elimination of toxins are recommended. For this, the French firm “Gernetic International” has recognized products, of great quality and effectiveness, that will improve these problems.

From L’essenza we always recommend doing it in the hands of a professional like our expert in nutrition and dietetics Rebeca De La Cuadra, who will be able to recommend, depending on each case, the menu for each day as well as the duration of the challenge, since each body is different and has different needs.