Face of girl in profile during microblading permanent makeup process. Hands of tattoo master holding professional ink machine with medicine needle

Microblading, a star treatment

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The period of time between autumn and winter is now starting, when microblading becomes one of the stellar treatments and one in the greatest demand. It gives us thicker and more well-defined eyebrows, one of the most frequent needs of modern women.
Several factors cause our eyebrows to be thin, have bald patches or lack shape. That is why microblading emerged on the scene to give us a solution to these shortcomings.

What is microblading?

It is defined as a semipermanent makeup technique that consists of injecting dye into the skin in small lines that simulate the hairs of the eyebrow.

How is it done?

The first step is to design the brows, ensuring that they are in harmony with your face and frame your eyes. So, they make the pertinent measurements and sketch first. Then they pick the dye colour that fits best with each client, depending on their hair colour and skin tone.

It is important for clientele to see and agree on this preliminary task to design the eyebrows before moving onto the next step, which is the actual microblading.

To do it, they use a discardable pen and start filling in the brows, hair by hair, using extremely thin needles that create small cuts in the skin into which the dye is injected. After this process is complete, they apply a calming and healing cream, which should be applied for one week to ensure that the brows are perfect.

After four weeks, the beautician recommends returning to see if retouching is necessary, because the dye may have lightened, depending on your skin type. This technique achieves a highly-natural finish, which lasts for between one and one and a half years, a time during which you won’t have to apply makeup to your brows, because they will be picture perfect.

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