Non-invasive treatments for a natural result

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Taking care of yourself with aesthetic medicine treatments requires putting yourself in the hands of the best professionals. Communication and personalised analysis are the first steps towards achieving the desired effects

Increased awareness of the need for selfcare, in a preventive rather than palliative way, has gone hand in hand with the development of new, complementary, products and technologies that allow for successful, non- invasive, treatments to be carried out with aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Andrés Martin of L ́essenza Sotogrande, a specialist in aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery and laser techniques with more than 20 years of experience. In addition to leading an expert team of plastic surgeons, dermatologists, gynecologists and cosmetic dentists at the Laser Institute in Madrid, since last November, Martin has provided specialised assistance at the Sotogrande beauty centre, run by Ana Verdugo and Marta Bassadone. Nowadays, aesthetic medicine offers patients facial and body beautification through non-invasive treatments. There are numerous options that can be chosen at the facial level: botox, hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite or thread lifts, among others. Combined with laser, radiofrequency, and ultrasound technologies, etc. patients can achieve a result similar to that of surgery without having to go into an operating room. There are also treatments for the body that use advanced technology and produce results comparable to those achieved through surgical intervention.

Among the advantages offered by the aesthetic medicine approach is that there is no need to enter an operating room, which can be a source of anxiety for many patients. Furthermore, there is no need to take sick leave to recover, and the costs are lower. These benefits, together with the successful outcomes, have resulted in more and more people turning to this treatment, spurring further research into new technologies. Over the course of his career, Andrés Martin has observed a change in the trend, with an increasing number of patients getting treatment in their 20’s, instead of in their 60’s, as was the case years ago. “Customers today are much more aware of aging and the care that should be taken at an early age,” explained the doctor.

Although Martin advises that the ideal age to start taking care of yourself is around 30 years old, not all patients are ready for treatment. In this sense, proper advice from qualified professionals is essential. The L’Essenza doctor is the creator of the 4T facial analysis system, a procedure that evaluates the skin’s tonicity, tonality, texture and volumetric total (fat volume that has been lost over the years). An exhaustive analysis of each patient that, together with good communication, offers real, natural and effective results. “If you analyse those 4Ts, you can rejuvenate any patient at any age. But rejuvenating does not mean taking 20 years off, rather it means having healthy skin at any age”, specified Martin.

Although, as the doctor explains, “we are all candidates for cosmetic medicine treatments”, we must also take into account contraindications such as skin diseases, allergies to any component, pregnant women or patients with other serious diseases, such as cancer. However, there are also specific treatments for these patients (oncological aesthetic medicine) that can restore the smoothness of the skin. Naturalness is Dr. Andrés Martin’s main objective, hence his slogan: “less is more”. He has been assisted greatly by the significant advances in technology over the last 10 years, which are only expected to continue, thanks to the equation: less invasion, more effectiveness. According to Martin: “the future of aesthetic medicine will see machines and technologies replace surgeries in the vast majority of cases”.